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Ella Rose

Manager of O’Fallon Ink. Specializing in traditional/neo-traditional style tattoos. Ella prefers to work with color to create her masterpieces, however can work with your vision in mind to have you walking away with something custom and perfect for you! She’s passionate about making her clients feel comfortable and satisfied with their lifelong artwork! 

 A $100 deposit is required upon booking and $150/hr is charged during the session. The deposit is nonrefundable and goes towards the total cost.  Payments are accepted through cash, card, or venmo. 

Consultation form to get scheduled in link below

Check out social media for full portfolio

Dreaded Mantis

Dreaded Mantis specializes in statement pieces and doesn’t have one particular style because she aims for aesthetics and what looks good on the client. Dreaded Mantis enjoys bigger pieces and black work, as well as fine line, illustrative, and color pieces.

Appointments can be made Tuesday-Saturday, except for Wednesdays when walk-ins are welcome from 1-8pm. A $100 deposit is required to book an appointment, which is non-refundable and goes toward the total cost of your session.

Dreaded Mantis charges $100/hr during the session. Striving to get better with every tattoo, Dreaded Mantis looks forward to giving you your next statement piece!

Check out social media for full portfolio.

Chris Rushing

Chris Rushing specializes in black and gray illustrative and fineline tattoos. Chris enjoys doing small to medium whimsical pieces but will do large pieces for the right project. 

Appointments can be made Tuesday-Saturday, 1-6pm. A $100 deposit is required to book an appointment, which is non-refundable and goes toward the total cost of your session.

The price of the work is unique to each piece.

Check out social media for full portifolio.


Please click through photos to see the Piercing Pricing sheet!

Grasshopper is our full time piercer along with being a  tattoo artist! He has 5+ years in the industry.  He brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill to all his clients as well as a phenomenal professionalism. 

Grasshopper will be in shop doing piercing walk ins Tuesday-Friday 12-7pm and Sundays 10-4pm!

Contact him personally to schedule a private piercing party for 5+ people getting pierced! Great for any occasion – birthdays/bachelorette/weddings/graduation/etc.

All initial jewelry is provided with piercing. We have a small selection of retail jewelry for after healing processes are complete. $10 for a jewelry change out. 

7+ for earlobes/ 14+ for all other piercings/ 18+ for intimates

In his tattoos he Specializes in Black and Grey. A $100 deposit is required to book a tattoo appointment and will be apply towards the cost of the tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable. Grasshopper accepts Cash, Debit/Credit, Cashapp and Venmo for Piercings and Tattoos 

Frankie Fauna

Frankie is newly Licensed and has been working in our shop since May of 2023, Frankie Fauna enjoys elements of nature and whimsy. Creating pre-drawn flash options as well as custom designs.

Appointment only Wednesday and Thursday.

Walk in tattoos every Friday and Saturday 12-8pm

A non refundable deposit of $50 is needed for booking an appointment.
Check out social media for full portfolio