O'Fallon Ink


Specific artists will tattoo on customers at the age of 16 with parental/guardian consent along with photo copies of identification (Legal ID/Drivers License, Birth certificate, passport) and a form filled out and signed by a notary. 


Notary form available in store or with this downloadable pdf file 

We pierce starting at the age of 7+.  Earlobes only.

Any other piercing aside from earlobes, customer will need to 14+ 

For nipples/genitalia piercings 18+

If any minor is getting pierced they will need to be accompanied with their parental/guardian figure.  We will need one of the following forms of identification from both minor and guardian: Legal ID/Drivers License, Birth certificate, passport. 

Additionally you will need a form filled out and signed by a notary.  We will make a copy of identification and notary form.

Notary form available in store or with this downloadable pdf file 


Each artist will be running their scheduling and rates separately. Check out our Artist page for more information
Recommended to be hydrated and have a full meal before you get tattooed.
  • Deposits are in place to secure the artists time and preparation prior to the appointment. Deposits guarantee artists are compensated for this time if something comes up to where the client is unable to make the appointment. 
  • If a reschedule is needed please contact your artist 48 hours ahead of time to get a different time without having to place a second deposit 
  • No call no shows result in immediate forfeit of deposit to Artist scheduled with
  • When the deposit will be in place to the clients total is subject to each artist 
  • Aftercare pdf link
    1. Wash 3-5 times a day with antibacterial soap (recommend: dial gold).
    2. Pat dry with a clean towel of let air dry. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer (recommend: aquaphor).
    3. Repeat for 2 weeks or until fully healed
  • You can wrap with seran wrap the first two nights during sleep to prevent plasma getting on sheets or clothes
  • If healing with second skin/saniderm- leave bandage on for 3-5 days then do step 1 for 2 weeks or until fully healed.
  • Do not submerge tattoo in bodies of water for 2 weeks or until fully healed. No baths, pools, lakes, oceans, etc
  • Do not use any sort of hair removal on tattoo area for 2 weeks or until fully healed.
  • Do not itch or pick at peeling tattoo. Tattoo should start to naturally peel after about a week of healing. Recommend to keep moisturized and slap tattoo if itching becomes unbearable.
  • After fully healed tattoo should appear matte on skin
  • To help longevity of tattoo apply 30+ SPF lotion on tattoo when in direct sunlight

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The owner and lead artist, Ella Rose, are a mom and daughter duo with a collective total of 44 years as residents in OFallon. The goal is to build a local tattoo shop with love and support while providing a positive, comfortable and safe environment for the citizens.